Tel aviv , israel

The city was founded in 1909 by Jewish immigrants on the outskirts of the ancient Port of Jaffa that is in the south part of Tel aviv  .
I was always terrified of stories about the area that we normally see in the News in USA . But once we got there is was Amazing , I was there at the begining of June so it was Gay pride and I never seen a city in my life that every other building had a Gay Flag it was so Great no police any where its very safe to walk around .
People are very friendly and the Men are Gorgeous .I realize how old peopel are in fort Lauderdale lol to many retire people , but I liKe daddies but they need to keep up and work out more .
Tel aviv was fun its a beach town like Mykonos or Ibiza . so Its Party city and its a Little expensive .
Esta ciudad es una de esas ciudades que todos queremos ir pero muchos no estamos seguros de cuan seguro es ir .
Pues por todo lo que uno ve e…

Dublin ,Ireland

Dublin , Ireland

I just went to Dublin Ireland , with no expectation . even I study history and geography in Collage I knew very little about Dublin .
Founded as aVikingsettlement ,
became Ireland's principal city following theNormans . Later became the second Largest city of the British Empire , That's why it has a lot in common to Uk .
( Tip #1) But its cheaper then London .the city its Small so you don't  need more then 3 Days in Dublin .

( tip #2) "It was mid june and it was cold and rainy so bring a sweater and a umbrella ".

The city Loves its writers apparently , they have a lot of Writers and I happen to be in Dublin during a fest for one of there most Popular writers James joyce . that day June 16 people dress in period clothing and walk around town and theres many activities in the city . James Joyce wrote the Ulysses

 Trinity Collage its one of the most important in the city and has a Book that its very popular for been one of the oldest books , The Book…

Mexico City

Mexico City

I just got back from this city . Over all People are very friendly as well , and this Makes mexico city one of the coolest city's to visit so I give them 8 points .
I got to say its one of the most gay Friendly city's I seen couples Hold hands and kiss even dance together in street festivals and its very normal .
the Museums are great from the Chapultepec castle , the Anthropology Museum the cathedral its all very nice . My favorite was museum of Frida Kahlo Im not a fan of her paintings but the photos and the house are very nice Place to visit .

 #ChapultepecCastle #MexicoCity


 The chapultepec Park its great Place to go with several museums .
the main square its also full of museums and the only pyramid in the center of the city Plaza mayor
The museum of el Zocalo its Great to visit .

The best think is that currency exchange its amazing very cheap . Wather its about 10 pesos about 50 cents USD
Museums are about 35 to 65 pesos 3 to 6 dollars and…

Valencia , España

Founded by ROmans in 138 Ac , and its the 5 busiest port in Europe . Population it s 800,000  but counting the areas around the center  its 2,3 million .
This city its Knows for one of my Favorite things to cook and Im good at it , yes ! the Paella .
for more info go to youtube and see all my travel vdieos :

Its a really nice city but very small . I believe that in 2 or 3 days max you can see what this city offers . this year wild I was visiting Valencia this past month August 2015 its was the most visited city in Spain for vacation . so I guess it is great place to come its south from Barcelona I took a Train and in a few hours I was there .
Its not very expensive since itsnot a mayor city of Spain so your Euros will last a little longer .
for the Gay community this city its not that great theres no gay bras or sauna or sex shops the only one was closed . but still its great place to visit .
The beach its the cruising …

Mykonos , and Delos Greece

I m in Love with Greece sincemy Great grand father was Half Greek very weird to be Part greek in Puerto Rico . so I been 8 times to Greece in my life and I just went Back in May 2015 and i had a Blast .
Mykonos its my favorite Island . and known to be the Gay Vacation Spot.
The Island its part of the Cyclades  , the center of the town its Chora and the population its just little more then 10,000 people . Its always Sunny I never seen a Cloud in Mykonos , so its great for the Beach weather and to Dress in White at night like many do as tradition . 

Grecia es uno de mis Paises Favoritos , Ya que mi Bisabuelo era Griego que es muy raro en Puerto Rico que alguien sea decendiente Griego , pues estoy muy apegado a Grecia e hido 8 veces a este pais y en todas termino en La Isla de Mykonos , mi Isla Favorita para Vacacionar ya que es muy Gay .

Mykonos es parte de las Islas  Cyclades , el centro del pueblo se llama Chora y la poblacion es apenas poco…

Colombia : Medellin and Bogota

                                         Jardin Coffee Country /Jardin la Zona cafetera


         Found  in 1541 but was not establish a settlement till , 1616 by Francisco Herrera , the area of el Poblado , today its one of the most expensive areas of medellin .
its the second Largest city of Colombia with 2.3 million people .
Medellin its very modern and people are very friendly .
People from this Region are call Paisa , thats where the name of there main dish comes from "Bandeja Paisa" .
*Bring a Bag with Toilet paper since there no paper in most Bathrooms . and a Wateer bottle and change some places don't have change or take credit card .
*Paisas are very friendly , so always say Buenos Dias,  gracias , permiso.
*Theres a few tour companies , but if you want to visit other places always arrange a private tour with the Hotel .
*Currency changes all the time but wild I was there was 1,800 to 1,900 per dollar .the Average plate of food its about 12,0…