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Los Angeles

Los Angeles California

        Most People don't even Know the History about California .  3000 Bc it was populated by people that spoke Hokan then the Tongva people call the area Yaa . Spanish arrive in the area in 1800 , there was about 5000 natives living in that area . the Europeans call them Grabrielinos .
1777 Felipe de Neve , Founded 3 citys or Pueblos ; Santa Barbara , San Jose , and Los Angeles . By 1821 was a great farming area and was a growing city in California a Big difference from today . In 1821 Mexico got there independence of Spain so people from the Area where now citizens of Los Angeles and in just one year the population went from 650 to 1680 , Then in 1846  Robert Stockton took over with his Army the LA area and became part of the United States . finally in february 2 , 1848 the war of mexico and USA ended , Mexico lost California when it was signed the Treaty of Cahuenga . After 1848 began the Gold rush era of california . and it was Known as the most lawle…