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Gay Hotels review from NY to SF and LA ///////// Hoteles gay de New York San Francisco y Los Angeles

Im not much into staying in Luxury Hotel I actually prefer small private Hotel and guest houses and I don't care much about the hotel since most of the time Im out side the room .
the score in my Humble Opinion its  1 its worst and 10 its best
YO no soy muy de Hoteles grandes y no me gusta los hoteles de lujo , yo prefiero hoteles pequenos y no me importa si son de lujo pues yo no paso tanto tiempo en el Hotel , asi que usualmente estoy fuera del hotel la mayoria parte del tiempo .
La puntuacion en mi humilde opinion  , 1 es lo peor y 10 es lo mejor

St Vicente inn

       I been staying in this Hotel for years in the West Hollywood area , and I new the old owners the Hotel its run down but the locations its the best . recently they sold the Hotel and one of the New Owners its this big Lesbian , well I have nothing against the Lesbians but she have been changing every thing . The Hotel was a clothing optional and now not so much , the got the…

Fort Lauderdale Gay destination /// Fort Lauderdale Destino gay

Stranahan House 1902 /////, La casa Stranahan 1902

This week I want to show my Town , Fort Lauderdale . Talking about Gay city Fort Lauderdale has the biggest  percent of gay men per capita of any city in USA , Said the census in 2010 .
Trust me I travel alot and I live in San Francisco and Fort Lauderdale still has way more gay men in this city then any other place .
The Area does not have much History , since it was Populated by natives the seminoles and 1836 the only 70 resident where attack and move to Miami and Key West so the area always been very under developed till just 20 years ago in late 1800 Mr. Stranahan funded the Fort Lauderdale area . in 1915 it was created the Broward County but it was not till 1950 when the population grew to 150,000 it was like this till 2000 the the Boat industry grew in the Area do to the many Rivers the City its call the "Venice of USA " the population Grew after all the Boats companies started to open and …


CN tower

Toronto , Canada

Huron and Iroquois tribes lived in the Area before the British Crown Purchase the area in the 18 C in 1793 John Graves the governor named the area York in Honor of the Prince Frederick duke of York this prince was Kings George II second son , in 1812 the Battle of York was between USA and canada do to a battle in Washington where  the british durn the city . then The US soldiers took fort York and destroyed most of the area . The population had many slave running from USA and and then in 1830 many Irish move in the area becoming the Biggest population of the city , and Catholic the main religion .
In the early 1900 many Germans , French and Italian move to the city , then they where follow by the Polish , Russian and Chinese came to the Area Montreal still was the main economy of Canada . in 1934 thats when Toronto became the main Economy of the country . After II world war many Italian and Portuguese move…


Napoleon apt in Louvre Paris , el apartamento de napoleon en el Louvre


Its one of My favorite Cities in the World , Not only because of its History , but do to there food and there really Hot men . I have a Few friends in Paris and It helps to go Around town to know some one .

This is a City that dates to the 400 BC and it was populated by the Parisii Tride and they call the area Gallia . Then Julius ceasar invaded the area and when under Roman control for 400 years .Julian de apostate a Roman emperor change the Name to Parisii but  Even in the Middle ages The capetian Dynasty still named the area Gaul . 466 Clovis the First was the King of the Franks and the first one to unite this great country .
Paris has so Much History and one of my favorite and many people Favorite its the French revolution .who Can forget Louis the 16 and marie Antoinette the Kings of France , during a Time similar to Now a days  where the rich became more rich and They keep …

Los Angeles

Los Angeles California

        Most People don't even Know the History about California .  3000 Bc it was populated by people that spoke Hokan then the Tongva people call the area Yaa . Spanish arrive in the area in 1800 , there was about 5000 natives living in that area . the Europeans call them Grabrielinos .
1777 Felipe de Neve , Founded 3 citys or Pueblos ; Santa Barbara , San Jose , and Los Angeles . By 1821 was a great farming area and was a growing city in California a Big difference from today . In 1821 Mexico got there independence of Spain so people from the Area where now citizens of Los Angeles and in just one year the population went from 650 to 1680 , Then in 1846  Robert Stockton took over with his Army the LA area and became part of the United States . finally in february 2 , 1848 the war of mexico and USA ended , Mexico lost California when it was signed the Treaty of Cahuenga . After 1848 began the Gold rush era of california . and it was Known as the most lawle…


Elia beach

                                           Paradise beach


A one of my favorite Places in The World I been in Greece 5 times and  still its one of those countries that I can go every year and I never get tired .
After my 2 visit to greece we found the Information and happen that we have Greek Blood from my Great Grandfather  .
Greece or the Hellenic republic its the birth Place of Democracy and It had one of the most interesting civilizations in the world . the oldest evidence of civilization its from 270,000 BC the petralona Cave and for those Like me that we study Architecture it has some of the Most incredible structures in the World from the Palace Knossos in the Island of Crete I was very happy to see this ruins , since its one of the Places that I study in Architecture and dates from 2,000 BC this civilization from the Bronze era was one of the oldest Places that I ever been and it was a great experience . and the Leyen …

Puerto Rico

the center of the Island its all mountains up to more then 4000 feet hight .

                      Puerto Rico has many Islands to visit /// PR tiene muchas islas que son parte de este pais 

Puerto Rico 

The island had Many Natives living on the Island till the Spanish took over , at the time that 
Conquerer  in 1492 by Colombus ,San Juan the capital was the second city of the Island but became the capila and was Build in 1521 its the second oldest in America after Dominican republic and the Oldest in the USA .
 Most people from Puerto Rico are Spanish mix ,Spanish  bring there slaves from the west coast of africa and they started to mix and became the creole . early on the French even enemies of Spain they started to move in the island Places like ponce and Vieques island it is so that 16% of surnames are french in the island .  we also got Greeks like my family and Jew and dutch but not so present in the island ,   but in 1815 we got Thousands of families fr…

EasyJet ///////// Philadelphia ///////// Amtrac

Rodin in Philly

Easy jet

I flew This Air line its a cheap its great for all the short trip and its clean and comfortable its the European version of Spirit Airlines but done well , Like Europe does . it was clean ,Basic  and service was good not much to say about this Airline but its good to go from one country to another in Europe . The only bad thing was the flight attendant that had to much perfume It was a little to much lol .
I give them an 8
Easy jet

Es una linea Aerea de Europa es super barata y buena para ir de un pais a otro ya que es solo de 1 a 3 horas entre pais y pais , es bastante comoda , el servicio es Bueno y como dije el precio es Bueno , es la vercion mejorada de Spirit como los Europeos saben hacer lo unico que no me gusto fue el perfume que el asistente de vuelo tenia demasiado y casi ni podia respirar cuando pasaba por m…