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Mexico City

Mexico City

I just got back from this city . Over all People are very friendly as well , and this Makes mexico city one of the coolest city's to visit so I give them 8 points .
I got to say its one of the most gay Friendly city's I seen couples Hold hands and kiss even dance together in street festivals and its very normal .
the Museums are great from the Chapultepec castle , the Anthropology Museum the cathedral its all very nice . My favorite was museum of Frida Kahlo Im not a fan of her paintings but the photos and the house are very nice Place to visit .

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 The chapultepec Park its great Place to go with several museums .
the main square its also full of museums and the only pyramid in the center of the city Plaza mayor
The museum of el Zocalo its Great to visit .

The best think is that currency exchange its amazing very cheap . Wather its about 10 pesos about 50 cents USD
Museums are about 35 to 65 pesos 3 to 6 dollars and…