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Napoleon apt in Louvre Paris , el apartamento de napoleon en el Louvre


Its one of My favorite Cities in the World , Not only because of its History , but do to there food and there really Hot men . I have a Few friends in Paris and It helps to go Around town to know some one .

This is a City that dates to the 400 BC and it was populated by the Parisii Tride and they call the area Gallia . Then Julius ceasar invaded the area and when under Roman control for 400 years .Julian de apostate a Roman emperor change the Name to Parisii but  Even in the Middle ages The capetian Dynasty still named the area Gaul . 466 Clovis the First was the King of the Franks and the first one to unite this great country .
Paris has so Much History and one of my favorite and many people Favorite its the French revolution .who Can forget Louis the 16 and marie Antoinette the Kings of France , during a Time similar to Now a days  where the rich became more rich and They keep …