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Colombia : Medellin and Bogota

                                         Jardin Coffee Country /Jardin la Zona cafetera


         Found  in 1541 but was not establish a settlement till , 1616 by Francisco Herrera , the area of el Poblado , today its one of the most expensive areas of medellin .
its the second Largest city of Colombia with 2.3 million people .
Medellin its very modern and people are very friendly .
People from this Region are call Paisa , thats where the name of there main dish comes from "Bandeja Paisa" .
*Bring a Bag with Toilet paper since there no paper in most Bathrooms . and a Wateer bottle and change some places don't have change or take credit card .
*Paisas are very friendly , so always say Buenos Dias,  gracias , permiso.
*Theres a few tour companies , but if you want to visit other places always arrange a private tour with the Hotel .
*Currency changes all the time but wild I was there was 1,800 to 1,900 per dollar .the Average plate of food its about 12,0…