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Paris English , paris en Espanol


One of my favorite cities in the world , I really have a great time each time I been there and there people are very nice . I think one of the most important things its to be very Polite the french love there : Bonjour = good morning , S'il vous plaĆ®t = Please  , au revoir = good bye , Merci = Thanks . even if you dont speck french just knowing this few words will take you far and they will be more friendly to you .                  

                                         Ille de la Cite , Notre Dame

Paris its been Form in the last 2000 years , in the 12 C was the center of art and learning in Europe and its one of the largest population in Europe the center of Paris alone has 2,240,000 million people and more in the near area up to 10 million .
Its History its what I like the most of this city from the french revolution to Napoleons Bonaparte , its a city full of Great architecture and art , it has many districts , 3 and 4 its the gay Area call Le Marais , 3 has the Louv…

Peru , Lima , Cusco , Aguas calientes and Machupichu


Lima its a Great city , it was populated by the Lima people , they inhabited the territory call today Lima they where fisherman and there was many other Natives , but they where much smaller groups , in the 700 the Lima people where in war with the Wari a group from the Andes .January 18 , 1535 was taken by the Spanish , Francisco Pizarro became the new lider of the country and establish the Spanish Colony in Lima , Peru .
 Peru was one of the Biggest countries in South America , it had part of Chile , Brazil, Argentina Bolivia and Ecuador .
The main Export goods are : Silver , Oil , Steel , Zinc and Coffe . but the Biggest Exports are Gold and Fishing ,Peru its the Number 3 exported Fish in the World .
Today we can see a Mix of Spanish , Italians , Inca and other natives , its a big country having Lima more then 10 million people or a 3rd of the populations of Peru .

                                             Larco mar mall , great view , shopping not so much