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Valencia , España

Founded by ROmans in 138 Ac , and its the 5 busiest port in Europe . Population it s 800,000  but counting the areas around the center  its 2,3 million .
This city its Knows for one of my Favorite things to cook and Im good at it , yes ! the Paella .
for more info go to youtube and see all my travel vdieos :

Its a really nice city but very small . I believe that in 2 or 3 days max you can see what this city offers . this year wild I was visiting Valencia this past month August 2015 its was the most visited city in Spain for vacation . so I guess it is great place to come its south from Barcelona I took a Train and in a few hours I was there .
Its not very expensive since itsnot a mayor city of Spain so your Euros will last a little longer .
for the Gay community this city its not that great theres no gay bras or sauna or sex shops the only one was closed . but still its great place to visit .
The beach its the cruising …

Mykonos , and Delos Greece

I m in Love with Greece sincemy Great grand father was Half Greek very weird to be Part greek in Puerto Rico . so I been 8 times to Greece in my life and I just went Back in May 2015 and i had a Blast .
Mykonos its my favorite Island . and known to be the Gay Vacation Spot.
The Island its part of the Cyclades  , the center of the town its Chora and the population its just little more then 10,000 people . Its always Sunny I never seen a Cloud in Mykonos , so its great for the Beach weather and to Dress in White at night like many do as tradition . 

Grecia es uno de mis Paises Favoritos , Ya que mi Bisabuelo era Griego que es muy raro en Puerto Rico que alguien sea decendiente Griego , pues estoy muy apegado a Grecia e hido 8 veces a este pais y en todas termino en La Isla de Mykonos , mi Isla Favorita para Vacacionar ya que es muy Gay .

Mykonos es parte de las Islas  Cyclades , el centro del pueblo se llama Chora y la poblacion es apenas poco…