Valencia , España

Founded by ROmans in 138 Ac , and its the 5 busiest port in Europe . Population it s 800,000  but counting the areas around the center  its 2,3 million .
This city its Knows for one of my Favorite things to cook and Im good at it , yes ! the Paella .
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Its a really nice city but very small . I believe that in 2 or 3 days max you can see what this city offers . this year wild I was visiting Valencia this past month August 2015 its was the most visited city in Spain for vacation . so I guess it is great place to come its south from Barcelona I took a Train and in a few hours I was there .
Its not very expensive since itsnot a mayor city of Spain so your Euros will last a little longer .
for the Gay community this city its not that great theres no gay bras or sauna or sex shops the only one was closed . but still its great place to visit .
The beach its the cruising spot as many city's that have a beach that's always the spot lol but you need a car or take the bus to the beach its about 20 minutes in bus or 10 minute in Car north or the city center . its call Playa arenas o las dunas , there's also a beach very close to the city center and its a Malvarrosa. also very nice but not the Gay beach .

Among the Many atractions of the city the best was Ciudad de la ciencias , or the ciance city really amazing buildings that have a Aquatic park and the observatory. they have a pass for all the building for one Price so Its a great deal to buy all 3 places .
 at the city of cience and art there many things to see plas the architecture of these buildings its a site on its own .

There's also the towers build around 1392 . what was the entrance to the city of Valencia when the town was smaller and sorrounded by walls . they are very great to see there's 2 of them in different parts of the city .Torre Serrano o Torre Quart .

I like a great Palace and I did found one next to the market in the city center and its a really incredible one since it was not from a king but from a merchant . Marques de dos aguas o Palacio de ceramicas .
really great place to see art and histori of Valencia .

The longest park its where use to be the river of the city now the park its where every one goes to run during the day and spend the day its actually surrounds the city and finish by the city of science  and art . At Night time I found some cruising in the park .

Royal garden Los viveros ,  next to Pont del Real or the royal bridge . very cruising park all day long , its next to the museum of art thats its another of the best places to visit wild in Valencia .

My hotel was a hostel , but hostels in Valencia are actually very nice same as a Hotel and it was in the center of Plaza mayor so I can see the city hall and the Fountain in the main square so dont get scare of the word Hostel .
really nice view from my Hostel balcony .

theres a Place where you can learn to cook traditional food from the area but it was close , I forgot that August its vacation or holliday time for Europe so every thing was more expensive and many places where close .

on the top its a photo of the museum of almoina and under the water fountain theres light so you can see the Romans ruins from 136 AC  of the city , and its really great to see it at night time .

La Lonja it swas the silk Trade building and one of the best Gothic Buildings in Valencia its woorth going there and its only 3 euros the entrance .

 Tribunal de las Aguas de Valencia Every thursday at 12 noon ,next to the gothic cathedral of valencia this traditions its from the Times of the califa .

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