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Travel Plan , Bacterias when we travel . Palm Spring

I travel almost every week
and One of the most important things that I do its to clean all my area in the airplane , since the airplanes aren't clean properly are the biggest risk to get sick when people travel .
one of the main things to clean its the tray where we put the food , I dont even use this area since I don't like to eat in the plane but I clean that also the Tv control in those planes that have TV and the Recliner chair button and the seat belt , any way I always clean all that before I seat and Basically the entire seat lol , not that I m Crazy but I cant take the risk to get sick , so I always clean that .
the best thing its the travel size AntiBacterial Wipes that we can buy in the Pharmacy .

Restaurants :

Every time I travel I see this restaurants that have a line and are the most popular .
well those are the restaurant that I try not to go .
First I hate to wait in line for food specially if Im hungry , That's a No I don't like to wait . second the se…