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Lufthansa , Barcelona , Franfort Airport

I travel alot and I review this places 1 its the worst and 10 its the best ////////Viajo mucho y le doy puntuacion a las ciudades y lugares el 1 es lo peor y 10 es lo mejor .

                    museo nacional mount juic ///// museo nacional en mount juic

                                                                                     desayuno cafe y un Bikini


A roman city founded around 3 century BC , its was part of the Kindom of Aragon in one point in History . it was the center of Politic in Spain  till the 1400 , when it pass to Madrid .
        its my favorite city in the world , I really enjoy going to this city I been 7 times and every single time I fall in love with the city even more  .
Transportation its easy from the Airport or around the city there train bus and taxi its really easy to take taxi you wont be waiting much , the ride from the Air port to the center to the city its only about 20 to 30 euro no more then that , and the train or metro its very eas…

Air Tran , New York

the scale goes from 10 as best and 1 as worst ratting , for all this Places in this blog we review all travel areas and tips .
en este Blog hablo de Viajes y Lugares para ir y se les da una nota , 10 es lo mejor y 1 es lo peor .

Air Tran

Well what can I say , I started to travel 2 months ago and I have take 6 flights with them because they have been the cheapest but not that cheap , about $300 to $450 per reservation now , the moment you do the check in you notice that they don't have much employes then I wanted to change one of my flights for a earlier flight and that would have cost $500 more so I just stay and got my flight why so much when other airlines they will move your flight to a earlier one for free or for $75 or $100 , its not like your changing the day then I can understand the $500 but it was the same day and all the flights that I been they are always half empty so its not like they are booked all the time , the …

Continental VS united , San Francisco , Viajen Liviano / Travel light

United vs Continental

Yes this was my favorite and the one that I hatted the most , this air lines just merge a little more then a year and half ago and It have change so much , I was a frequent flyer with Continental Airlines for many years and I travel first class with them many time , I got to say that there service and value was the best , they where the last airline serving food in a tray to economy till 3 years ago it was great and there Flight attendants where nice and professinal it was a  a 10+ . now in the other hand United they had the worst service and there employs not the most friendly I always give them a 4 .
with all the merge its been really sad I flew a few times after and I still do some times even I try not to flight them any more . Because def. its United now they lost the touch that continental had .
there seats have half the space they had now they have the economy plus , and even for the elite costumers we have to pay for economy plus , when in the past we wil…

Key west , Jet blue and Island house

all my travels , city's and places  I review from 1 as the worst to 10 as the best
Todos os viajes y lineas aereas y Hoteles los califico desde 1 como lo peor yaveces hasta menos de 1 muy mal y 10 como excelente .

Key west
Well I live in Florida and one of the Places to go for a Long weekend sits Key West , I got to say that its one of my fav..... places to go , for 2 or 3 days no more then that . First its a small city so no car need on less you drove to key west from other cities but if you fly in town no need of car walking its easy every thing its about 15 to 20 minutes walk . and the city has many Places to see From the Hemingway cats and museum to the great architecture and for the GLBT community there is many bars and catamarans to enjoy and have fun , during the year there s many festivals from Nude week to Fantasy fest a masquerade Carnaval that its really famous in the Keys . there is many bars to go out not much of leather and no Night clubs its all about the little co…

Spirit Airlines , Oasis hotel in Boston , Boston trip

I been Traveling so much the last couple of years that I wanted to Write about my Travel experiences .
Los ultimos anos e estado viajando tanto que e desidido hacer este Blog de viajes .

Not one of the city that I would visit or think as a destination for gay but its a very interesting city with much History , and stuff to do easy to catch a boat to other areas in the new england area . I do  like the Quincy market its a great Place to go and have some Lunch . The Aquarium it was nice but its under construction at the moment . and many clubs including bars for the leather community .
Transportation its easy to go around no need to rent a car just walk take the train and  or a Boat if you want to explore .
 no es una de las ciudades que diria que es increible para los gay pero es una ciudad con mucha Historia y lugares interesantes para ir el maercado que Quincy es mi lugar favoriito para ir y puedes tomar botes para ir a otras …

New Blog Travel ///////// Nuevo Blog de Viaje

THis Blog was about a store that I had in california Now I want to change it and Talk about Travel

este Blog era de un Negocio que tuve en california y Ahora lo e cambiado a un Blog de viajes