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Fort Lauderdale Gay destination /// Fort Lauderdale Destino gay

Stranahan House 1902 /////, La casa Stranahan 1902

This week I want to show my Town , Fort Lauderdale . Talking about Gay city Fort Lauderdale has the biggest  percent of gay men per capita of any city in USA , Said the census in 2010 .
Trust me I travel alot and I live in San Francisco and Fort Lauderdale still has way more gay men in this city then any other place .
The Area does not have much History , since it was Populated by natives the seminoles and 1836 the only 70 resident where attack and move to Miami and Key West so the area always been very under developed till just 20 years ago in late 1800 Mr. Stranahan funded the Fort Lauderdale area . in 1915 it was created the Broward County but it was not till 1950 when the population grew to 150,000 it was like this till 2000 the the Boat industry grew in the Area do to the many Rivers the City its call the "Venice of USA " the population Grew after all the Boats companies started to open and …


CN tower

Toronto , Canada

Huron and Iroquois tribes lived in the Area before the British Crown Purchase the area in the 18 C in 1793 John Graves the governor named the area York in Honor of the Prince Frederick duke of York this prince was Kings George II second son , in 1812 the Battle of York was between USA and canada do to a battle in Washington where  the british durn the city . then The US soldiers took fort York and destroyed most of the area . The population had many slave running from USA and and then in 1830 many Irish move in the area becoming the Biggest population of the city , and Catholic the main religion .
In the early 1900 many Germans , French and Italian move to the city , then they where follow by the Polish , Russian and Chinese came to the Area Montreal still was the main economy of Canada . in 1934 thats when Toronto became the main Economy of the country . After II world war many Italian and Portuguese move…