Peru , Lima , Cusco , Aguas calientes and Machupichu


Lima its a Great city , it was populated by the Lima people , they inhabited the territory call today Lima they where fisherman and there was many other Natives , but they where much smaller groups , in the 700 the Lima people where in war with the Wari a group from the Andes .January 18 , 1535 was taken by the Spanish , Francisco Pizarro became the new lider of the country and establish the Spanish Colony in Lima , Peru .
 Peru was one of the Biggest countries in South America , it had part of Chile , Brazil, Argentina Bolivia and Ecuador .
The main Export goods are : Silver , Oil , Steel , Zinc and Coffe . but the Biggest Exports are Gold and Fishing ,Peru its the Number 3 exported Fish in the World .
Today we can see a Mix of Spanish , Italians , Inca and other natives , its a big country having Lima more then 10 million people or a 3rd of the populations of Peru .

                                             Larco mar mall , great view , shopping not so much

My trip :

I been in so many countries in my Life and I got to say that Peru by far its been on of my favorites .its weird in some ways , and incredible in others . I travel every week so most of my friend's ask about citys and this is the one city that they all wanted to go . to book some of the things was difficult like the train to Machupichu or to find the city clubs , but once your in Peru its great and you get with the flow . "Slow mode " lol .
I Flew Via Jet blue that is my Preferred Airlines , it only took 5hours and 30 minutes from FOrt Lauderdale , so its not bad at all . I got in Lima and the dogs stop me since I had a banana and they ask me very nicely "if I had a fruit , I gave them the banana and they took it , I was kind of surprise by how nice and relax they where bout it , if it was in the state they would have put me in the floor , as a terrorist . It was midnight and there was not much to eat only fast food , and I hate fast food , so I had a salad in Subway not good but it was ok , until the morning .
in the Morning I got up early since I had to take a Taxi to the airport , it was about 50 soles or around $19 . at the airport every cab company was different some ask for 120 soles , others for 90 soles , but the company Green Taxi its the cheapest , they drive like crazy and you can see that most cars have had some kind of accident at some point , lol . but don't get scare its normal in Lima . 
I flew in To Cusco , at the airport security are so nice , don"t take off your shooes and you can keep your water Bottle its ok , they are very nice , have your passport in hand even to enter the airport they only let people with Id in hands and with documentation of travel ticket . if not they wont let your in the counter area for check in .
The flight from Lima to Cusco was about $350 and its only a one Hour flight , I flew LAN , that is the biggest and most reliable airline in Peru , they are famous for canceling and delaying flights in Peru so don't get scare its normal , and just relax your flight will come out eventually , I did not had any problem it was fast and great , but I saw many tourist That did not handle things correct don't do scene or they wont help you . Out side the terminal its all soles and inside the terminal its in US dollars . I recomend to Change USD to Soles in Peru not in USA . you will get more soles in Peru .

                                           Kennedy park they have Art from local artist and donate for the cats that they take care in the area cute park the park its full of cats .

History :  Cusco was the center for the Inca Civilization , its name was Qusqu Wanka (Rock of the Owl) in the Aymara Language . in The 900 the Killke populated the area then in the 1200 the Incas expanded and became the Biggest civilization in the area , then in 1533 Francisco Pizarro took over the Inca City and they started to take over the inca city , building colonial structures on top of the inca walls and temples .The Spanish call the city Cuzco and today people also call the city Cusco.

 My trip ;
I got in the second day in Cusco around 2 Pm and I spend the day in Cusco , they charge me 35 soles ($12) from the Ariport to the City center where my hotel was , I find out Later on that is only 15 to 18soles  ($6 to $7 )  that ride , lol . oh well we learn lol . Taxi don't have a set prize so it always change .
The city of Cusco its Great the Architecture its incredible and the people are very friendly . I could see how poor are people in this city , but very friendly and nice and its safe to walk at night . its not like Lima that is a little more scary to walk around at night . I stay in the center of the city in a Little Hotel , in front of the Plaza de Armas it was about $120 for one night since the next day I was leaving to Aguas Calientes , the view from my room was the main square and the cathedral of Cusco , it was a really Amazing view . I did not got sick since the elevation  its more then 11,200 feet above see level , I sat in my Hotel Loby they had Coca leaves for Tee , most Hotels they had in the Loby and relax for a wild . 3 hours later I got a little dizzy , so I just sat in a square and relax for 5 minutes and I was ok after that , most people may get very sick others will never get sick , its like a casino , you never now who its going to get sick . after relaxing for those 5 minutes I was ok and continue walking and exploring the city .

                                        Qoricanch or temple of the Sun

The next morning I had a driver picking me up at 7 am to get the train to Machupichu , I got up early and ask another taxi how much was to the train statin and it was only 6 soles , the driver that I ask said 20 soles , this companies that are in the Tourism company are 3 times more expensive then the Taxi out and about and in Cusco they are mostly very nice and cheap .
. you have to take a bus first that takes about a hour and 45 minutes to the train , its only at 6 am or 7 am so thats why you have to stay in Cusco the day before . to return theres a train almost every  hour but not to get to Aguas calientes . The company that has the Train its Peru Rail , they have 3 trains , the first its about $120 round trip its call the Expedition , then its the one I took about $180 round trip its call the Vistadome and last the $900 round trip train Hiram Binhham, Most people do the middle one and its call the Vistadome its great since it has Glass windows in the roof so you can see the Mountain view and and they have a little breakfast in the morning in the return they had a show and Lunch , and It was actually great . The Bus ride took a Hour and 50 minutes and It was a real eye opener to me to see Kids walking up to 15 miles to get to school and so many homeless dogs around and how poor this country its in the country side , so different then Lima . we got to the train station at 10 am since we took the Bus in Cusco at 7;20 am and the train was about a hour and 45 minutes to get to the Town of Aguas calientes .

                                         Main Square in Aguas calientes

Aguas Calientes ;

 I got in , around noon in this little town my Hotel was in front of the train station and in the other side of the train theres a River , its a very small town only about 20 blocks , there sa few hotels and they go from $30 to $600 , this town to shop its 2 or 3 times more money then in Cusco , I got a few things but I got most of my gifts in Cusco . I did the check in at noon and took the bus , it was about 5 minutes from the train station and it was about 55 soles per person the Bus ride to machupichu .
Machupichu its up in the mountains its a 15 to 20 minute ride up the cliffs and Dirt road , yes dirt no actual road , it was not scary for me but , some of my friend shave been they all think it was scary . I got the Park Tickets ahead of Time since they only let a few thousand tourist in the park and its sells fast , so I recommend  to get your ticket a month or a few weeks before , its only $60 to enter Machupichu . then they have tour guides at the entrance for Spanish tours are 80 soles and English was 120 soles ($50)  , I did the English tour and it was great since it was a private tour . if your don't want to spend that much you can do a group tour its 35 soles or ($12 ) if you don't want a tour just go in by your self . Out side they have gift shops and restaurants , get water and go to the bathroom before you enter the park since there's nothing once you enter and there's alot to walk , the tours are about 2 or 2 and half hours . the park has 6 Llamas for the tourist , but the llamas are not from that region since its to low for them , they live in high areas , like in Cusco .

This place its incredible and I really loved the views , they have some mountains that you can hike the cost its extra and they only let 200 people to 400 a day that's all and the tour its at 7 am or 9 am so if you want to do that do it the next day . I stay that night in Aguas Calientes some people leave the same day , During the night Most poeple go to the Hot springs , Aguas calientes means hot springs , they open till 11 pm but most people go to bed very early since they have 6 am tours .
the next day I walk for 20 minutes same rout to machupichu and I had a Dog that follow tourist , I named my dog tourguide Ralph lol and he follow me all the way to the Butterfly reservation its only 10 soles or ($3) theres' no bus so you have to walk the 20 minutes , all the busses pass by to Machupichu only . the Butterfly reserve its cute small , no many butterfly but it was very interesting , then I walk back to the town with my tour guide dog Ralph , I got him food as a tip for following me and guiding me to the Buterfly place and he did not eat he only wanted me to pet him . it was so cute I will always remember Ralph . I took my train back to Cusco at 3 pm . The Hotels check out at 9 am , very early so I spend the rest of the day shoping and eating and relaxing in restaurants untill I took my train , so remember to ask about checkout time .

Back in Cusco:

I took a taxi at the bus station , when I got back from Machupichu , my Driver was so nice and he only charged me 12 soles and I ask him if he could take me to a Animal shelter the next day , he pick me up on time , there was a protest in the main square and he walk and pick me up and took me on the tour he charge 60 soles or ( $28 ) , he took me to the two shelters for llamas , condors and alpacas . I have to say it was great . the Shelters where very interesting they depend on donations and I gave them a good donations and I shop in there gift shop since 70% of what they sale goes to the animals and the rest to natives that make to products . so its a great way to support them . Miguel my driver took me to the top of the mountain to have the best vies of the city and he pass by all the parks that most tourist visit and he was great I gave him much more then what he ask for and he was really happy , e left me in the Temple of the sun in the center of the city , where I continue exploring by my self . Cusco has a city ticked that cost from 70 to 120 soles per person so you can enter different museums and parks , some of the parks and museums only take the tour ticket , you can't get individual entrance its very weird so if you want to see some of this Inca sites get the ticket , I did not wanted to get the ticket because I was not interested inmost of those places so I want to some that actually had the options of individual fee entrance

,the Cathedral was 25 soles and it was really nice , I got 2 rosaries for my family and I wanted a saint medallion but it was to big after I pay the girl gave me the medallion of the patron saint of Cusco , and I tip her and she did not wanted the tip , I was very touch by this and I have it in my wallet and will always Carry this with me , people are very giving and friendly . the Museum of the incas was 10 soles and the machupichu museum was only 10 soles . the Temple of the sun was close that day since it was the Labor day in Peru a Holly day so I want the next day it was only 10 soles also and it was very interesting , the square in front of the temple of the sun its only for Locals only and in the afternoon they open the park for the tourist , they have police and signs that say tourist no pass , so just follow the rules .
The city has many native Ladys that dress in typical dresses and carry Sheep and Llamas so you can take photos , they only ask for tips so I recommend  10 soles tip its good . There's many restaurants that have Buffet and show packages its only 90 soles to 120 soles per show with buffet , it was really good food and show  , I recommend to research first if its typical food or not , most restaurants have pizza , Its weird at one point I got the notion that Pizza was the national Dish LOL  . There is a place call the Cusco center its a small Theater very out dated its only 25 soles , but they have a very cute show with dances of all the region its only at 7 pm , but I think they could make it a little better since they stop the show after each dance to explain the next dance .
I did not wanted to leave Cusco , and I will deff go back its a magical city that I will always talk about and the best part was the very friendly and giving people , Great city .

Lima :

Back in Lima I was tired from traveling almost every day I had a few places to visit ,I walk to the Kennedy park where the have the main church in Miraflores area , wehre I stay and then went to Larcomar its a mall in the top of a cliff facing the pacific ocean , it has a great view , but the mall its lame its anything from Gap to , TGI fridays , to Tonys Romas lol yes nothing that I would do or eat or buy there .
 That night I went to see a water show , only 4 soles or $1 , its at 7 pm every night and I got to say it was fun and very nice to see , I hope that every city in the world do the same because its fun and the lights show had a projector to the water with typical dances , so it was a 30 minute show that was fun and interesting . The next day I went to see the change of the guard at the Presidential palace its every day at noon , from there I walk and saw a few Buildings in the area , I did not wanted to do all the museums but I did went to one more site Huaca pucllana It was about 25 soles per person and its in the middle of Miraflores the gay area in Lima , its a temple Build by the Lima culture in the 200ad to 700 ad , its a 2 hour tour and then I visit the chocolate museum , this museum its in cusco and one in Lima and I took a chocolate making class , I had to say it was more interesting then what I could think my great helper she was a 20 years old Yessamin she teach me from making hot chocolate the Mayan way to choco tea , to making chocolates from scratch it was a great experience and I learn alot , not I see chocolate different , it was only 70 soles per person so about $ 28 . its great and always remember to tip every one .after my Class I left to the airport to take my midnight fly .

                                                         Huaca Pucllana Temple

Tips :

1- Plan ahead of time .
2- there is Mosquitos in Machupichu so bring Mosquito spray .
3- vaccine for Hep A and take Malaria pills .
4-theres no Toilet paper in most Bathrooms so carry paper and wipes .
5- bring contact lent solution .
6- Bring cash that its not broken of colores , they only take US dollars that are new or in really good condition if its a little bent or a little broken they wont take it or change it .
7- say Buenos dias and hi , that will take you far every where .
8 - in Lima dont carry bags in your back put it in the front .
9- get Machupichu tickets on time .
10- if your going to visit other regions that are in the Jungle get the Yellow fever vaccine .

Peru its not the most gay city the gay clubs are very bad security its to much and the 3 clubs in Mira flores are crowded with 18 to 21 year old kids , the security guards pass with flash light every 5 minutes around the bar and its complicated you have to pay entrance fee and pay for drinks in one area and pick up drink in another , shows and people go out late from 1 to 2 am its the pick time , so The gay scene its not that great .

Peru as a Gay destination from 1 to 10 its a 4 , but as a tourist destination I give Peru a 200
the best Country I been in my Life


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