Colombia : Medellin and Bogota

                                         Jardin Coffee Country /Jardin la Zona cafetera


         Found  in 1541 but was not establish a settlement till , 1616 by Francisco Herrera , the area of el Poblado , today its one of the most expensive areas of medellin .
its the second Largest city of Colombia with 2.3 million people .
Medellin its very modern and people are very friendly .
People from this Region are call Paisa , thats where the name of there main dish comes from "Bandeja Paisa" .
*Bring a Bag with Toilet paper since there no paper in most Bathrooms . and a Wateer bottle and change some places don't have change or take credit card .
*Paisas are very friendly , so always say Buenos Dias,  gracias , permiso.
*Theres a few tour companies , but if you want to visit other places always arrange a private tour with the Hotel .
*Currency changes all the time but wild I was there was 1,800 to 1,900 per dollar .the Average plate of food its about 12,000 to 20,000 pesos .
*The taxi to the city from the Airpot its about 75,000 or around $40

El Poblado its a great area and it has the Nightlife area call : Plaza lleras with tons of bars and restaurants . in the center of the city theres a Plaza Botero , from the famous Artist , who its originally from Medellin he donated this 23 statues in 2004 . so its a great place to see , there tons of Homeless and prostitutes in that area . so to get a taxi its a lithe difficult . we tried to grab a taxi and they did not wanted to stop , then finally one of them stop and we look around it was full of Prostitutes and we did not notice lol so try to take a taxi in the main square not the street behind .

Pueblito paisa , its a little hill in the center of the city really small it takes about 10 minutes on less you shop for art theres its great for souvenirs made in Colombia not china . this hill has a great vies from Medellin .                                                                                    
cathedral Bogota /Catedral Bogota 

Medellin Produces much of the Flowers in the country another big economy its colt and Emeralds . also its in the area where the Coffee country is , but if you want to visit a coffee plantation you may have to plan a Tour by yourself . it cost me about $200 USD plus another $50 for food and the tour guide the $200 was for our driver to wait for us and To drive the 3 hours south and come back we spent about 8 hours in this tour and it was worth every single penny .we drove to Jardin a Town up in the mountain where most of the Organic Coffee its . then I meet this farmer who its famous in the area Don Jaime his family its very important in the area a town of population around 15,000 this Farmer his dad had 12 Brother and sisters and he had 16 Brothers and sisters so I guess most people are related to Don Jaime in this town . and he was very kind to walk me by a few small farms , and then they invited me to a Lunch done by a Local Lady , she made the Bandeja Paisa and it was the best dish I had in Colombia. so I recommend to travel out of the city center .

*I got to say that most of the sexy men that I seen in the world are in Medellin .
*Gay men are Ultra conservative in Medellin and even worst in Bogota .they are so conservative that I saw many in Suit and Tie in the clubs .
*the weather in Medellin its very warm and not as cold like in Bogota .

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             una Ciudad fundada en el ano 1541 pero no fue hasta el 1616 cuando el español Francisco Herrera estableció el primer poblado de Medellin en el a era que hoy día se conoce como poblado .
es una de las areas mas caras de la ciudad , esta tine aproximadamente 2,3 millones de habitantes . las personas de Medellin o Antioquia se les llama Paisa , de aquí viene el nombre del plato mas típico de la region : " Bandeja Paisa ".

Plaza Lleras es el area para restaurantes y bares en Medellin hay infinita variedad de lugares para pasarla bien .
Plaza Botero , esta plaza en el centro de Bogota tiene 23 estatuas donadas por el artista fernando Botero el cual es Original de Medellin es muy interesante pero camine con cuidado pues hay muchos deambulantes , como hay tanta gente desidi tomar un Taxi en la calle de atrás de la plaza y ningún taxi quería para , por fin el decimo Taxi paro y cuando me monte me fine que todas eran mujeres con faldas muy cortas y mucho maquillaje para las 7 am lol  así que tomen taxi en la plaza aunque tengan que esperar mas .
Pueblito  Paisa es bien pequeño paro bueno para visitar en el centro de la ciudad con una vista muy buena de medellin desde el centro de este cerro . tienes varias tiendas de artesanías .

*El Clima es  Cálido no tan frio como en Bogota si necesitaran un abrigo.
*en los banos no tienen tapa el inodoro , ni papel de bano asi que recomiendo que  anden con un bulto con papel de bano y con agua monedas para pager banos que aveces no tienen cambio .
* Los Hoteles tienen propio sistema de transportación y pueden arreglar alguna excursión , ya que no hay muchas companias de excursiones , yo alquile el chofer por $200 por 7 horas de las cuales guío casi 2 horas y media de ir y 3 horas de regreso solo una hora y 40 minutos de un tour que organizamos en 5 minutos , visitamos el poblado de Jardin población 15,000 el Campesino Don Jaime que por su Familia conos e a todos en el pueblo su padre tenia como 12 hermanos y hermanas , y el tiene 16 Hermanos , ósea puedo pensar que la mitad del pueblo son familia , este esta acareo de todos , los campesinos , y nos llevo a ver y recoger cafe en varias fincas pequeñas , luego almorzar en la casa de una senora que nos huso la comida por solo $5 y fue mejor que ningún restaurante que como en colonia , ni el restaurante de $240 no se compara a esta senora en su humilde casa y la comida hecha con todo lo que cultivan .
* la moneda cambia en esta semana estubo de 1,800 a 1,900 por cada Dolar USD .
el taxi del aeropuerto al poblado donde estaba mi hotel fue 75,000 pesos o unos $40 .

*Los Hombres mas sexi que e visto en Buen tiempo están en Medellin deseguro , pero son muy conservadores , pero nada como en Bogota que son tan conservadores que hasta en Gaban y Corbata van a las discotecas lol .

                                             Museo del Oro / Museum of Gold

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                                                      Botero Museum

   Bogota was populated by the natives Muiscas before the Spanish came , founded by Gonsalo Jimenez got in in 1537 in the Town of Zipaquira de salt mine town .
Simon Bolivar got the Independence of Colombia from Sapin in 1819 , one of the most important figures was a Women call " La pola " .

Bogota has a Historic Center where most of the museums are :

Botero museum its free and its a great place to visit in the city and most of the museum, behind Botero  they are all connected from the interior patios .

Cathedral of Bogota

Casa del Florero : July 20 , 1810 . the house build around 1739 was center of a Fight , that open peoples mind for the independence of Colombia .

Quinta de Bolivar , its a House museum That was a House given to Simon Bolivar for his work during the Independence of Colombia , he use the house for about 10 years when he was in Bogota and then he gave the home to a friend the house has been a bar , school and now a museum .

Monserrate  , 1650 began the sanitary of monserrate . its on top of a mountain 10,000 feet hight so walk slow its like in Peru very high so theres no much air , and you can get tired and out of breath fast . theres a market and tons of little restaurants and 2 main restaurants that are very expensive , one its Colombian food but the employes aren't very friendly and the other one its international food very good and service its excellent . use cable car to go up its great and has a amazing view of Bogota .

Cathedral of Salt . was discover by Natives in the 1700 and then Spanish took over . the cathedral was build in 1940 the first one was closed and then they build a second one in 1995 was open and thats the one that people visit , to build they had to subtract 500,000 Pounds of Salt from this mine , its in the town of Zipaquira . its 50 minutes from Bogota open at 9 am so get there early when they open its the best time to go . they have a 30 minutes work shop so you can work in a mine for 30 minutes this mine still a working mine plus has this tourist attraction inside also theres stores restaurants and bathrooms .

                                     Cable car to Monserrate /teleferico hacia Monserrate

* Bring a Jacket just incase during the day Bogota can be nice but at night can be cold , weather its like San francisco CA or London .

* People are very Conservative , I walk in tank top every one will look at you they dress always in jeans and cover shirts nothing to casual .

* the party its Late so go to bars after 11 pm .
* Leather bar its a fully nude bar call Dark Club , its a fully naked bar ,not many people go but it was fun lol
* for straight men its very easy to find women and strip clubs just walk around carrera 13  or 14 and every 2 blocks theres a striper bar .
* straight Couples have a bar and party also call Libertinos de Zeus Calle 19

* Theres a few gay saunas in Bogota and many Bars that the gay guide has are actually closed .
Mozo was another bar was ok but I guess its where every one goes , then I went to

*Theres a Bar  on 13 carrera and 95 st
that you pay 30,000 pesos and they give you a Cup , run from this place its bad and full of 18 year old , the cup its because its open bar and you can't lose the cup or you have to pay again . and it was boring .

*I never found the cursing area in Bogota , Thats weird because usually its the first thing I find in every country but not here sorry guys .

                                     Zipaquira Salt cathedral/Zipaquira la catedral de sal .


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