Mexico City

Mexico City

I just got back from this city . Over all People are very friendly as well , and this Makes mexico city one of the coolest city's to visit so I give them 8 points .
I got to say its one of the most gay Friendly city's I seen couples Hold hands and kiss even dance together in street festivals and its very normal .
the Museums are great from the Chapultepec castle , the Anthropology Museum the cathedral its all very nice . My favorite was museum of Frida Kahlo Im not a fan of her paintings but the photos and the house are very nice Place to visit .

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 The chapultepec Park its great Place to go with several museums .
the main square its also full of museums and the only pyramid in the center of the city Plaza mayor
The museum of el Zocalo its Great to visit .

The best think is that currency exchange its amazing very cheap . Wather its about 10 pesos about 50 cents USD
Museums are about 35 to 65 pesos 3 to 6 dollars and taxis are cheap and safe , not like every one told me . usualy from the airport to the city its about 15 to 20 dollars .
you can also take Uber and its even cheaper .

 The only problem I had was food , as a vegetarian and not a fan of spicy food its was diffult to find a place to do vegetarian tacos or Mole and non spicy I did found a few places but I had a few days that i did not even had lunch looking from restaurant to restaurant .
The other thing was going to nice restaurant because it was cleaner the city its full of street vendors and the clean Plates dishes and there hands in the same Bucket of water and for me that was a little to much so I did not eat in the streets .

The Gay Area its one of the best areas to Stay in the city the Zona Rosa and it sfull of Clubs bars and sex shops .
Walking around at night its very safe a lot of security and police every where . i really felt safe .
Its next to the Angel of Independence monument the center of the city .
The best Place to shop for Souvenirs was Ciudadela Market where you can find all kind of art Made in Mexico and if you like Silver Mexico its the place . Also theres a market in Zona ROza but its a little more expensive then ciudadela but not bad . The only think its the market in Zona Rosa they are more pushy and every single vendor will ask you whats your looking for ? mean wild in ciudadela they say if you need help let me know , and they arent on top of you the entire time like sharks lol .


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