Dublin ,Ireland

Dublin , Ireland

I just went to Dublin Ireland , with no expectation . even I study history and geography in Collage I knew very little about Dublin .
Founded as a Viking settlement ,
became Ireland's principal city following the Normans . Later became the second Largest city of the British Empire , That's why it has a lot in common to Uk .
( Tip #1) But its cheaper then London .the city its Small so you don't  need more then 3 Days in Dublin .

( tip #2) "It was mid june and it was cold and rainy so bring a sweater and a umbrella ".

The city Loves its writers apparently , they have a lot of Writers and I happen to be in Dublin during a fest for one of there most Popular writers James joyce . that day June 16 people dress in period clothing and walk around town and theres many activities in the city . James Joyce wrote the Ulysses

 Trinity Collage its one of the most important in the city and has a Book that its very popular for been one of the oldest books , The Book of Kells .
(tip #3) the line for the Book of Kells its long get your tickets and run to make the line .Theres no photos or videos to the book and they got security next to the book trust me .

Dublin castle its a interesting place to visit since it was the original castle or at least where it was the original castle of the city and settlement by Vikings .
take the one hour tour its 14 Euros takes you to the old ruins , Chappel and the Palace . where the English Rulers use till 1922 .

                                     Dublin , Castle

Guinness Factory a big attraction in the city I went but its to crazy the lines where to long and since its not a big Priority of mine to see how the bear its made , So I left and had one in the thousand bars around the city lol
Temple Bar area its where all the bars and the Bath house its located to over crowded and its more expensive then just walking 4 or 5 blocks away and food its not that great in that area.

( Tip #4)  if you want to drink its fine but to eat stay away from temple Bar area .

Temple Bar area

The tallest Sculpture in the word its this modern Silver thing lol

The river its small and not like the other European capitals . River Liffey

(tip # 5 ) the Taxi to the airport was about 20 Euros , the bus its 7 euros its not far from the city .

Gay Life in Dublin .
Well theres many Gay bars all small and a little boring . There's no Leather or bear bars its all just gay bars but the one I went it was full but half where straight women .
The bath house I finally after many years went to a Bath house , since most people did not know who I was lol so I went there was mostly Older men and now a big deal .

as a gay city its very Gay friendly but gay life from 1 to 10 , 10 as best . I give Dublin a 6 to visit its a 8 its was interesting .


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